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Knowing it was You Copyright 2000

These are the lyrics from a long-ago cd recorded in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire at Brewster Academy. The tunes are on my music page. When I figure out how to do it, I’ll have to post the cover art that Karen Shaw made for me way back when for this 5-song demo entitled, “Knowing it was You.”

I used to teach English at Brewster, and I kept in touch with the brilliant musician/teacher Andy C., who agreed to help me record. I somehow convinced childhood friend and neighbor, John B., to take the trek to NH in order to play guitar. I think it took us an afternoon or two to finish the cd, nothing crazy, but it was one of my first recording ventures and I loved it. I would change some of the songs now–Waiting on a Someday is too slow, Tahoe is too short, etc.–but I would not take back the experience! Andy’s additional piano tracks at the end of both Tahoe and After You are still favorites; I wish I could play like him. I remember eating at the diner afterwards with John, feeling like a true rockstar. I listened to this disc the entire ride home. And if you read my blog entry called “On Seeing and Songwriting,” you’ll understand just how much the making of this meant to me and my family. Thank you, Andy and John!

“Knowing it was You”

Running to the ringing of the telephone
Knowing it was you
It hits me harder now
Not listening for rings
And I’m not framing pictures
No, no—it hits me harder now

Just a phone call and “I love you” and I’d be all right
Knowing it was you
It hits me harder now
Not hearing a damn thing
And I’m not feeling pretty
No, no—it hits me harder now

Hard enough to pack away the times before
In a quiet little corner
It’s what I need to do
But it keeps me blue
Knowing it was you

Start looking for replacements but they just walk on by
Knowing it was you
It hits me harder now
Not turning heads these days
No, I’m still turning inside
Inside–it hits me harder now

Hard enough to pack away the yesterday
In a quiet little corner
It’s what I need to do
But it keeps me blue
Knowing it was you


Walking through a cloud of falling snow
I guess I’ll take my time here as I go
Knowing this cold feeling will be mine
For quite some time

Sitting in a wide and open room
Thick trees sidle up, from outside looking in
Frost is picking at their skin
And I feel it in my fingers as I write
(I want to be warm tonight)

You and I must do this all again
New beginning—now, another end
I’ve had a taste of your eyes
But I’ll be hungry soon for your sweet stare

We’ll make a fire and look in
Hoping somehow that the glow that we’ve begun
Will last 3,000 miles
Like the setting sun, it’s coming back again
It may not look that way but a promise is a promise…

And you and I must do this once again
New beginning—now another end
I’ve been hidden in your arms
Soon I’ll want them strong around me

“Lightning Flashes”

Can’t put my finger on it
Rises up like grumbling thunder
Rain in January
Sounds like summer

When lightning flashes
There’s a flicker at the bedside

I’ve seen fireworks in winter
I remember that day
When I child behind me
He called bombs away
And we all looked up in wonder
Until the old man fell
Down his heart had faltered
For a moment, a moment

And lightning flashes
There’s a flicker at the bedside

I’m all wound up in numbers
I’m out collecting dimes
They’re pouring into something
But I’ve lost track
Time keeps coming down around me
Buttons in a drawer
I can’t use any of them
But I keep collecting more, and more, and more

Lightning flashes
There’s a flicker at the bedside

Hanging tapestry
An aching urge to rip it clean away
Heavy questioning
But I don’t listen to a thing I say

Now I’m back around and ready
I cracked the case open wide
When a girl sang “sweet strawberries”
A waterfall of rhyme
When I listened to her soft voice
I knew I wanted more
It takes a flash of light to stun me
A flicker of a song beside the door

“Waiting on a Someday”

What they do doesn’t hurt me
What they say they don’t mean
It’s what’s not happening that gets to me
It’s hard to find an in-between
When they say ‘love comes tomorrow’
I just nod and turn away
Because I’m tired of counting on a someday

Old friends will come together
At times they come apart
I’ve realized that now
But still, somehow it breaks my heart
And I’m lonely when I’m all right
Just as lonely when I’m wronged
And I’m so tired of counting on a someday

Oh face it, I forgive you
And I’ll probably forget
How dull to say, ‘I thought you were the one’
You might think you’re sorry
And if that’s what you want to be
Then sorry’s yours; I just want this to be easy

Because I’ve had a lot of heartache
You laugh to think it’s true
How quick you turned to change your mind on me
I should be over you
But your words, all those promises
They were just too real to me
And so I’m back again, waiting on a someday.
I’m back again…

“After You”

You always did know what to say
When doors got in the way
Oh, you knew what to do
You’d open them up wide and motion
After you

You seemed to know my every wish
My heart was tied in moments
I went running coast to coast
Running coast to coast straight after
After you

But now, after a hard sleep I wake to breathing
And it only takes one breath to see your face
I brace myself another day believing
That someone’s bound to come along to take your place

I didn’t know that love could go so quickly
Maybe then it will come again
I didn’t think I’d ever have to worry if he’d come along
That someone
After you

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