The Weekly Spin

Welcome to The Weekly Spin, a new section of my site inspired by my favorite spin class at the gym.  It is in that class that I do the following, in no particular order: warm-up, speedwork, hills, break for water, think, zone, listen, talk, drip, high-five my neighbor.  It’s a better week when I spin.

These will be shorter, quicker pieces, and the subject matter will vary.  The point is to exercise.  I may spin about my kids, something newsy, something literary.  Rather than making large, chunky connections, here I want to hone in on the details, on the moments.  

If you’re inclined to get your own Words in Motion, please feel free to spin weekly and post, comment, listen, think, high-five.

Here we go:


Lexi and I were talking at breakfast.  She was going to her friend Bianca’s house that morning, and when Bianca was over at our place earlier in the week, Lexi had cried a bit.  I was reminding her not to cry to get her way, even though that had been my approach as a kid, and my siblings would argue it was a fairly successful one.  But as parent, I can’t stand the fake cry.  I feel for the stoic playmate who stares blankly, unmoved, as Lexi wails.

Lexi said, “I cry sometimes.  Ee-member when I pretended I could fly at Bianca’s and I fell down the stairs?”

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . no.”

“I was a fairy.  And I wanted to fly.  So I did.” 

Since my house has the same layout as Heather’s, I asked Lexi to walk me through the flight pattern, a little on-ground dry-run.

She climbed from the bottom of the staircase to the landing–up seven steps–and turned around to show me from whence she flew.

“Wow,” I said.  “That’s far.”

She came back down the seven stairs and modeled for me how she first landed on her feet and then slammed to her knees and hands.  She got up.  “Ee-member you thought I was limping but I told you I wasn’t?”

“I remember now.”

“Well I was.”

She wiped off a smudge of floor dust from her purple skirt and sat back down to her cereal.


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  1. Heather says:

    She was a fairy for a split second!
    Love this new spin!!!!

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