I often feel that in order to process anything, I need to write about it.

I realize not everyone has this same relationship with writing because I’ve taught for twenty years in various settings: public schools, private schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges.  I’ve seen the fear (frustration, apathy) in the eyes of some of my students once I’ve introduced an initial essay topic.

I cannot impose a love of writing and reading onto a student or a reader, but I do believe that my love of working with language tends to rub off a bit.  One, because I make it clear to students that writing really does take work and time.  To “revise” is to re-see, and every writer has to do it.  Two, because communicating clearly is important and rewarding.

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Services I provide:

  • Writing and Language Arts support, grades 6 through 12. $80 per hour.

Does your child struggle when she has to write a paper?  Is he intimidated by the writing process?  I am here to give support–but not to write your children’s papers for them!  The point is to make them more confident writers.  I will help them gather ideas, develop rough drafts, and edit finals looking for clear structure, appropriate grammar and punctuation, use of text as support, and the development of an authentic voice and style.

Language Arts support varies, depending on students’ needs.  I tutor students throughout the reading process, helping with annotating, finding main ideas, and preparing for discussions.  I work with students to complete specific school assignments; though, again, I will not be completing the assignments for them.  I also provide supplementary work in grammar, vocabulary, and writing support.

  • Crafting the College Personal Essay, Tutoring for Grades 11 and 12.  $80 per hour.  

Well-written college essays alone cannot get your children into the colleges of their dreams, but roughly written ones may keep them out.   I can help your child craft a unique, beautifully written essay.

I provide two services for the personal essay:

  1. Work one-on-one with your child to write and craft the essay.  $80 per hour.
  2. Editing service – I will review a finished essay and provide feedback.  For this I charge $45–this includes light editing for errors in grammar and punctuation, commenting on weaknesses, highlighting strengths, general polishing.

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