WYPR Poetry Reading

Last year I had the good fortune of publishing a poem in a Maryland Writers’ Association anthology called Life in me Like Grass on Fire: Love Poems. I submitted a piece I wrote about Lexi when she was only 7 months old. It is entitled, “A Picture of Alex on my 40th Birthday.” I’ve joked that a few things have changed since I wrote the poem: We call her Lexi now. She is 4 years old. And I am no longer 40. Just the same, the process was a lot of fun–from submittal, through acceptance and editor’s feedback, to receiving in the mail (a complimentary tote bag and) a book with my name in it.

Then I feigned rockstar, invited a bunch of friends, and read the poem at a reading held at The Annapolis Bookstore, a great spot on Maryland Ave. We all headed across the street to Galway Bay Irish Pub afterwards, reason enough to participate in poetry readings.

Finally, Laura Shovan, the editor (and talented poet), sent a mass email to the contributors letting us know that WYPR in Baltimore was doing a piece on the book, and that a number of us–first come, first served–could read on the air. I contacted (in time) Aaron Henkin, the producer of this great local show called The Signal, and Dave, the girls, and I drove to Baltimore on a Friday before Christmas. Aaron was above-and-beyond accomodating, showing us all around the studio. I will remember for a long time the image of Dave, Caroline, and Lexi smiling and waving, standing behind Aaron who was sitting at the mixing console, while I sat in the adjacent soundproof room wearing what felt like an extremely large headset.

Anyway, please check out the following: www.tinyurl.com/7r6sjst
…in my moment in the sun (fyi 23:15 into the program), I was wedged between a cartoonist, many talented Maryland poets, and a latke-master. Not 5 minutes of fame. About a minute.

I dedicated the reading to my girls, of course. But, I’m also remembering three students I taught at Brewster Academy years and years ago. They joked that I had a good broadcasting voice but didn’t think that “Katie” was Hollywood enough for my radio career, so we renamed me “Kiki.”

Happy New Year.

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